Is there a future for Dynamics 365 on-prem?

Hosting D365 on-prem is falling way behind the development and new features in the cloud version. The two main areas are financials and functionality. The future is in the cloud for D365 like many other applications from Microsoft. Read my take on the future of D365 on-pem vs. the cloud.… Read More

D365FO Maintenance mode

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Whenever there is a need to change the configuration key the system in question needs to be set to maintenance mode. When the system is in maintenance mode only users with the “System Administrator” role for their user account can access the system. Other users will see an error message saying that the system has been locked out for system maintenance and can only be accessed by administrators.… Read More

D365 FO Environments – Part 3

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In Part 2 I talked about the different environments and what pros and cons it has to deploy environments in … Read More

Helpful tools for IT Professionals

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IT Professionals use all kinds of tools to help them doing there jobs and the list is endless but here … Read More