My top 5 pick of the ALM updates

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Some very helpful ALM updates have been launched for the Power Platform and this is my top 5 list. There is no specific criteria for my selection nor order of these updates, this is just my gut feeling and what I think would be best for me.… Read More

How I use Microsoft Teams in my daily job

Microsoft Teams has been around for few years but the general release was in 2017. I have been using Teams since from it’s release and I immediately fell in love with the application and saw its potential. I find many things quite cool and neat but in this post I am going to pick out some examples from my day to day work and how I use #Teams. The following is in no particular order nor is it an exhausintg list, I just wanted to share these toughts with all of you out there.… Read More

I am back with a new knee

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I am returning to my former form and I will now continue to create blogs and other content. I had a knee replacement surgery in middle of August and I am slowly recovering.… Read More

D365FO Maintenance mode

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Whenever there is a need to change the configuration key the system in question needs to be set to maintenance mode. When the system is in maintenance mode only users with the “System Administrator” role for their user account can access the system. Other users will see an error message saying that the system has been locked out for system maintenance and can only be accessed by administrators.… Read More

People management – Humans of IT

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I have been in the ERP space for just about 16 years now or since early 2014 and it has taken me to many projects with many different project managers and management styles. I have used all kinds of tools and at one point the biggest trend was to merge Microsoft Project into Dynamics Ax 2012. Some project managers have only been able to use Excel and constantly send an updated file via email. Some project managers like to keep online (internal off course) TODO lists, some want to use One Note, some SharePoint, Some Jira, some DevOps, some all of this and even some that don‘t believe in any of those tools.… Read More

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