Dynamics 365 and Power Platform demo data

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When you deploy a new environment there is no data in any of the new tables, that is also the case when you select to deploy some sample and Dynamics 365 apps. But loading sample data is very easy and is done in a few steps via the environment settings.… Read More

Power Platform – Copy an Environment

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The “Environment management” in the Power Platform admin center has a featur to copy one environment over another. It is worth noting that the full copy option is time consuming.… Read More

Is there a future for Dynamics 365 on-prem?

Hosting D365 on-prem is falling way behind the development and new features in the cloud version. The two main areas are financials and functionality. The future is in the cloud for D365 like many other applications from Microsoft. Read my take on the future of D365 on-pem vs. the cloud.… Read More

A new podcast dedicated to tech in Iceland

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I have started a podcast with my good friend and coworker Gísli Guðmundsson.

We are talking about technology, azure, and powerful platform and what we can do with it. We will have Icelandic guest stars with some great stories to hear about; however, the only issue is that everything will be in Icelandic.… Read More

Power Platform and Application Lifecycle Management – PP & ALM

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The ALM is the key to a successful implementation, delivery and maintenance of any software application or product that a group of people work on. This post is about the ALM for Power Platform applications… Read More

My top 5 pick of the ALM updates

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Some very helpful ALM updates have been launched for the Power Platform and this is my top 5 list. There is no specific criteria for my selection nor order of these updates, this is just my gut feeling and what I think would be best for me.… Read More

How I use Microsoft Teams in my daily job

Microsoft Teams has been around for few years but the general release was in 2017. I have been using Teams since from it’s release and I immediately fell in love with the application and saw its potential. I find many things quite cool and neat but in this post I am going to pick out some examples from my day to day work and how I use #Teams. The following is in no particular order nor is it an exhausintg list, I just wanted to share these toughts with all of you out there.… Read More

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