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Dynamics 365 and Power Platform demo data

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When you deploy a new environment there is no data in any of the new tables, that is also the case when you select to deploy some sample and Dynamics 365 apps. But loading sample data is very easy and is done in a few steps via the environment settings.

Go to the Power Platform admin center, select your environment and click the settings button in the top toolbar.

From the settings page open the “Data management menu” and select “Sample data

A new almost blank page opens and most likely you will see a message “Sample Data is not installed on this system.” and quite possibly you don’t see anything else. Well, at least I did the first time I opened the “Sample data” page :D. I didn’t notice the buttons down in the right corner. After you select “Install Sample Data” the data loading process starts the buttons become inactive and “Installation of sample data is processed in the background. You can continue to use Microsoft Dynamics 365..” After a few minutes and soon you will have the sample data in your environment.

You can check the environments capacity to see if the data has been loaded

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