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My top 5 pick of the ALM updates

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One very positive effect of the popularity of the Microsoft Power Platform is that we are constantly getting new and improved features either to a single product or the framework as a whole. Recently Microsoft released updates to the overall framework that help and in some cases speed up the work related to the ALM process.

There is no specific criteria for my selection nor order of these updates, this is just my gut feeling and what I think would be best for me. Read the original blog.

I have made my top 5 list of my favorite updates and they are

Number 5 – Canvas apps managed properties

Managed properties are now available for canvas apps, this for example allows app makers to set a managed property that controls if an app can be edited by others or not. This can be for example set to “No/False” for your apps that you publsh to Microsoft AppSource. But apps published to an internal test environment can benefit from being editable.

I feel this option is making the app testing process and then roll-out easier because we have more options now for our apps and how they are configured.

Number 4 – Canvas apps triggering a flow

Those who have been triggering flows from apps have most likely come accross an issue with the app loosing the connection to the flow or flows. The only way to remedy this was by editing the app and then the connection would be re-established. This is no longer the case and now the trigger simply works in all new apps that trigger a flow.

Note, older apps that trigger a flow need to be upgraded to the latest version of Power Apps in order for this new behaviour to take effect. This can be done in the apps development environment and then republishing the app.

Number 3 – Model-driven apps comparison

My background is ERP development and technical architecture and I started my ERP carrier with Damgard Axapta 2.0 or something like that. Since my beginning of early 2004 I have worked with all major and minor version through the evolution of the software all the way to the current Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. One huge feature that developers use in the built in IDE is the code comparison tool and in the early days this tool was much better than the source control systems at the time.

I have missed this feature for the Power Platform but now this is available and it can be of great help when it comes to delivering updates or when bugfixing and some investigation is needed.

Number 2 – Canvas apps layering

The canvas apps are now layered in a propper way to better support operations like restoring versions and viewing which solutions have made what changes of your app. This is a very welcomed addition, especially where there are multiple app makers working on the same app over time.

Number 1 -Environment copying

This new option is really helpful where companies have adopted a multi-environment strategy for development, testing and production. Now an entire environment with data can be copied to another sandbox environment. This is extremely helpful when you need to create a fresh copy of the development environment for testing, training and other non-production work needed.

Note that the connectors are not copied over so you will have to deal with them manually.

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