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I am back with a new knee

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All this year until few weeks ago and the better part of 2019 I have been in great deal of pain in my right knee. My knee problems started in 1997 when I was in a work accident

The viking is BACK

Fast forward few months and in January 2020 it was clear the knee arthroscopy doing so called microfracturing in September 2019 did not work. I had to be referred to a highly specialised orthopedic knee surgeon. Then the Coronavirus came and stopped the whole process but in April 2020 I had Zoom call with the surgeon and in May we met face-2-face.

Now I have a shiny new metal implant

The solution for me would be a procedure called Episealer from a company named Episurf.

This implant is now inside my knee joint and it is at the end of my femur

On 15th of August I had my knee replacement/resurfacing surgery and I have been slowly recovering since. The recovery has been very positive and everything looks good. I still have pain in the femur and tibia where steel rods were drilled in during the surgery tod hold a guiding template for the implant. When the implant sat correctly these steel rods were removed but left some holes/marks on the bones.

Next thing for me

Next for me is to get back to blogging and start to create some videos since I am gradually getting to my former self where I can do that in the evening and during weekends. I have few drafts and half baked blogs on the Power Platform, CDS virtual entities, some D365 Finance and SCM architecture stuff, some Azure DevOps development tips and tricks.

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