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What do you want me to write-, talk about or do video on regarding D365 FO

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I want to use this website to help YOU to answer YOUR questions to talk about things that YOU are interested in. So I simply want to ask YOU my dear friend what do YOU want me to write-, talk about or do a video on?

You, can send me an email at einar@365viking.com, einar.larusson@outlook.com, comment on this post, send me a message on LinkedIn

I will put all the comments and suggestions in a list and post it here and then start to work on it. But have in mind my dealings with my right leg injuries, chronic pain and all the hard time it gives me. It might take me a while to finish YOUR request but I will do it


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  1. Dan Rey

    Sorry to read about the pain, Einar. I would love to support you in podcasting/vlogging. I have recently started back at Microsoft as a Surface Specialist in Healthcare and Life Sciences so any healthcare/life science use cases of Dynamics 365 would be great (or use cases that might work in this vertical as well as others). One thing I was looking into was service awards for companies. I wonder if a Surface device could be provided (it sounds like there are some tax benefits to both the company and individual if this is provided at employment anniversary date. Hopefully that question falls under Finance and Operations to confirm the tax benefit. https://www.thebalancesmb.com/giving-employee-awards-know-the-tax-implications-398965

    • einarlar

      Hi Dan

      Thanks for offering your support for regarding podcasts and vlogging.

      This is another interesting topic since it is not tech related and taxes are not within my range of expertise. But I guess this varies between countries and it would be interesting to talk to someone that knows about taxes in few different countries.

      The only rule I remember is from Iceland and there the main rule is the gift must “be of reasonable value”. But that is very open range and might include a Surface as a gift, but I guess it would be difficult to make a car meet this reasonable value criteria đŸ™‚

  2. Rajesh sachdev

    Videos on Project Management and accounting explaining various functionalities

    • einarlar

      Hi Rajesh

      I have noted PMA down on the podcast list and I will contact you about it when I hace confirmed a colleague to get on the show

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