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Little activity due to knee injury and chronic pain

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I just want to thank you all who have been supporting me over the past few months since the pain and symptoms from my right knee have been getting worse all the time.

My employer PowerObjects has been exceptionally helpful and having me working from home 100% of the time to have as little stress on my knee as possible.

Due to the following:
– Torn meniscus in the knee
– Bone defect in the heel bones
– Achilles injuries

I am in constant pain 24/7/365 which makes it difficult for me to do the extra work to create blogs, podcasts and videos. But until I have the two surgeries to fix all this I will do as much as I can in terms of content on the web. I am also using the time to plan videos, podcast interviews and drafting few blogs piece by piece each day. One short blog can take me up to 3-4 days to finish just because of pure pain in my right leg stopping me from doing a single thing.

I am finally counting the wait for surgery 1/2 in weeks and I am hoping that surgery 2/2 will be in Q4-2019. This means that finally from 2013 I can start to move forward again rather than being in constant pain. The plan is that Q1-2020 I will be adding content daily to the site and about 2-4 videos or podcasts a week.

Loo out for my next two blogs they will be about interesting D365 FO cloud deployment and architectural complexities that some scenarios can cause.

This is how it feels with my team at PO
This is how it feels with my team at PO
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