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What is the 365viking.com all about?

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This website will be dedicated to my passion around my profession and work with Microsoft Business Applications wit a special focus on Dynamics 365.

I have been thinking about setting up a website to share blogs, videos and podcasts with material related to the Microsoft Business Applications, but it has always stopped on one critical thing for me; my health. Since 2013 I have been dealing with number of issues on my feet that has caused me a lot of pain 24/7/365. I have a bone defect on my heel bones causing them to grow excessively and when that happen they start to put extra load and pressure on the Achilles. In 2015 I had an accident and ruptured my right Achilles in April and in the beginning of August the same year the Achilles had re-ruptured and re-re-ruptured. All in all I had three ruptures on my right Achilles from middle of April to the end of July in 2015. This is still giving me issues but I have met a perfect surgeon in the UK that will fix the heels and Achilles.

But before the heels can be fixed my right knee that has a torn meniscus needs to be fixed first and that will hopefully happen soon. At the time of writing this blog it is only a matter of days until I see my knee surgeon again after having an MRI.

Due to these injuries and issues in my legs I don’t have very much extra energy in the evening and during weekends to create content for site like this one. But in the beginning of 2019 I started to think about this again by wondering about a domain and I was focused on coming up with kind of an alter-ego for my self. Then suddenly one day when I was not thinking about this at all I got a slap at the back of my head and I shouted out “365 Viking“. After rolling it of the tongue few times, checking if something similar was out there and then if the 365viking.com domain was available. Fast forward about a day or two I registered the domain in March 2019 and started to gradually design and build the site. That is still work in process and will be so through out this year.

I decision to link this site, logo, slogan etc to my Icelandic heritage and the fact that Iceland was colonized by Vikings sometime in the 9th century had an interesting ring for me so I just went for.

Going berserk

In modern terms means you are putting all your energy, time and focus on the matter at hand and the usage of that slogan for me links those two different times and worlds in an interesting way. Back in the viking age you did not want a viking going berserk on you because it literally meant you were doomed.

I tend to approach my projects and tasks with this same mentality and that goes for my day to day work, hobbies, my days as a Search And Rescue volunteer in Iceland, home DIY and more. I can promise you that there are no swords, axes, shields, bows & arrows involved when I go berserk on a project and effeminately no one is doomed.

Stay tuned content will now start to appear here given that the pain in my legs will be manageable

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